my 10 most disappointing read of 2017

here we go with the best and worst of lists – after this I will be taking a short blog hiatus so expect to see less from me in 2018, although hopefully I will read and review more. So without further ado my 10 most disappointing reads of 2017

starting with

10) the mask of dimitrios – This was an airport buy for me and a classic crime novel that i thought would be really interesting as it is partly set in Istanbul a city I once called home, however I found it weakly written for me and not that engaging, it was at best a 2-3* read. With poorly developed character and a really strange twist.

9) Hyper space by Michio Kaku – A popular science novel that was a book club read for me and one that made a few interesting points but remained slightly disappointing with a few too many reaches for what if’s and what the author thought of as clever literary references that became a little tedious.

8) A cup of rage by Raduan Nassar – described as an erotic novel, this will do less for the average reader than 50 shades of grey. At times mysogynistic it is a tawdry novel at best although a very quick read.

7)  Unconventional by Maggie Harcourt- A ya novel of someone finding love at a comic con, written by someone who has at best watched some footage of a con on TV. Its very by the numbers romance with nothing to really set it above the rest.

6) Mobile suit gundam wing – A poorly written manga that makes very little sense although book 2 in the series is better than the first – if you were a fan of the cartoons of these then this is a book you need to avoid at all costs, a lazy product.

5) Kraken by China Mievelle – Another book club choice and another of my disappointing reads, a weak urban fantasy with poorly developed characters and a fetish for lovecraft at its core. for an author that is lauded as a star i found this a disappointing introduction to his work, I love urban fantasy and can think of a lot more engaging introductions to the Genre

4) `Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon – Another YA romance with a twist this time the girl lives in a bubble because she has a poor immune system and falls in love with her neighbour, again this felt lazily written and the twist at the end is slightly laughable although not what you would expect, this has been turned into a move but is not up to the standards of some of the classic YA out there

3) The Bronte Cabinet by Deborah Lutz – another book club pick on the disappointing list and the main problem I had with this is I think it smacked of lazy research she makes a rookie error about Burke and Hare in the opening chapters that any historian worth their salt wouldn’t make which makes me question the validity of the rest of the work which in a non-fiction novel can be a problem

2) Cross Stitch by Dianna Gabaldon – Outlander by another name and after seeing people rave about the books and the series i felt like I needed to read this book, and what a load of drivel it turned out to be wrapped up in one of the longest books I read this year. I would love to write a long review about it but it is complete tosh.

  1.  Spirits and cat ears – and now for the book that made me most angry in 2017, this is a manga that had a cute and interesting sounding plot but at it’s heart is a mean spirited story where someone bullies a much younger girl in a creepy sexual manner, this is offensive and disgusting and i would heartily recommend you do not buy a copy.

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