Big twists Little tales

I got the opportunity to read and review this collection of short stories and poetry put together by carol walker and jessica fairfax

the stories: BIG TWISTS LITTLE TALES is an unusual collection of short stories and poetry full to the brim of surprises which are wicked and witty, albeit dark humour. They will take you down roads with twists and turns and bumps along the way. There are twenty five stories and poems including: Butterflies and Batwings; Soulmate; There’s something about Christmas; Henry; The Shrieking Woman and There will be cake, plus many more. For unexpected chills Jessica Fairfax and Carol Walker do not disappoint.

my feelings: the short story is a difficult thing to do well and there is a bit of a mixture in this collection – some of the stories are excellent and others i feel let the collection down slightly – the poetry in particular wasn’t for me. However the stories particularly those involving children and the shrieking woman were really well written and thought provoking. As a collaboration i feel this has been quite successful as it showcases both authors potential and although there are flaws there are enough patches of brilliance to make want to read each authors individual works when they come out. Its definitely an intriguing debut, a 4* read for me.


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