He made me blog tour

Today I have the great pleasure of being on the He made me blog tour for Oliver tidy’s second booker and cash novel – currently being republished by bloodhound books and the second offering in what is my favourite of Mr Tidy’s series of novels.

The story:
David Booker and Jo Cash are experiencing similar stuttering starts to their new lives on Romney Marsh when Rebecca Swaine turns up seeking help. Someone is demanding a lot of money from her husband and she wants to know why.

What do the dying words of one man – he made me – actually mean? 

As the mystery unfolds people will come undone and reputations will be ruined before the answer becomes clear.

At the end of the day Mrs Swaine might end up wishing she’d let sleeping dogs lie…

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this novel  – it is the one that for me cemented this as my favourite of Oliver’s series of books. Booker and cash feel like really likeable people who you want to find out more about and this novel, brings them back and makes you feel even more involved in their lives.

The story in this one is fascinating and features the area of Romney marsh so well it almost feels like an extra character, there are some excellent literary references as well. This has a faster pace and really packs in the twists and turns whilst still featuring all of Oliver’s trademark humour.

If you haven’t discovered oliver tidy’s works yet whats keeping you – he is one amazing crime writer. This is yet another 5* read for me and I look forward to finally reading the long awaited third in the series.

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