movies you didnt realise were based on books

I’ve not done a blog list in a while – and having found one of the books mentioned here over half term and really enjoying it, I decided to publish a list of 5 books that you didnt realise were turned into movies/had movies based on them. Some of these novels are absolutely cracking.

1) The Parent trap – Erich Kastner

Ok so I didn’t realise this was a novel first – the movies of the parent trap both orginal and lohan versions are amazing. and when i stumbled across this in the childrens sections of waterstones I was really excited, and the movie is a fairly faithful adaptation, this is a charming read for kids and adults alike.

2) Make Room Make room – Harry Harrison

The novel that Soylent Green is based on and a completely fantastic read, this is the one I discovered during half term. I’m not sure how faithful an adaptation the movie is because to date I haven’t seen the film. However I am converted into a Harry Harrison fan after reading the novel – a fantastic look at the overuse of resources and overpopulation that is still timely today.

edit  – I have now watched the movie – which is fantastic and eerily sinister in its famous twist – it has very little in common with the original novel. Both raise interesting questions but i think the novel edges it for the intelligence of the points it makes.

3) The Graduate by Charles webb

This is a novel I didnt know existed and another fascinating read. Again I can’t tell you how faithful the adaptation is because like a true bookgeek i’ve only read the novel so far. It is an interesting insight into relationships between lovers and families, that is very of its time.

4) Anything by Ira Levin – although my choice is Sliver

Ira Levin is the source of many movies including the stepford wives, boys from brazil and Rosemary’s baby but my favourite of his novels is probably Sliver a chilling story of obsession, although aparrently the movie adaptation of this is not that great. All of the novels mentioned here are well worth a read.

5) All you need is Kill by Ryosuke Takeuchi

This is what the movie live die repeat is based on and is also a novel – a fantastic story in manga form I wholeheartedly recommend this as a read once again I can’t vouch for the movie but the manga is awesome.

That’s my list but i’m sure there are many more people can think of and I’d be interested to hear your suggestions in the comments below.


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