The Spy who chipped the china teacup

Angie Smith is an author I deeply admire for the sheer intelligence of her writing she can weave so many different threads together in a story it melts my brain. So I was over the moon when she was signed to Bloodhound books with a rerelease of the spy who chipped the china teacup.

Without further ado here’s the plot summary:

Arms dealing. Murder. Corruption. 

In Africa, Taylor Hudson reaches the stark realisation that she is in imminent danger.

Time is nearly up when, out of nowhere, she is thrown a lifeline.  Left with little option, she places her trust in a complete stranger. But who is this stranger and why the interest in saving her?

The answers lie 6,000 miles away, deep inside the British Secret Intelligence Service, where a former, disgraced, senior officer is attempting to work his way back into the heart of the organisation. But what are his real intentions?

What ensues is a deadly game of bluff, double-bluff and triple-bluff.

Can The China Teacup survive this time?

My thoughts:

I was privileged enough to read an early copy of this book and it has a lot to recommend it. For fans of Angie’s thrilling CXVI trilogy you meet up with old friends and meet new characters you will love to hate. If you are new to Angie’s writing then this can easily be read as a standalone.

This is an all action thriller with plenty of twists and turns, like i said in my point above I am in awe at how Angie deftly weaves all these threads together whilst maintaining an interesting story. The characters are really well developed and have so many shades of grey, that you’re not always sure who you should be rooting for or against. But above all in a thriller where action is key the characters don’t lose out they still seem to be very real people which is one of the key things that for me makes the novel stand head and shoulders above its competition.

I genuinely thought spy novels weren’t my thing until I discovered this series and I am a serious fangirl of Angie Smith now. There is also plenty of Angie’s trademark quirky humour throughout that lightens the moments as there are some quite dark scenes, this is not one for the fainthearted to read. However it is a gripping read in one sitting type of novel.

Angie smith for me is one of the best spy/high octane thriller writers out there, and I cannot recommend this novel enough, A 5*++++++ read for me.


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