Watch you burn blog tour

Today I’m on the watch you burn blog tour, I’ve been following KA richardson since her first short story came out last year, and I have been a fan since then, Watch you burn had a lot of promise by me its by one of my favourite authors and its about fire – books and fire are 2 of my favourite things. Here’s what the story is about:

Someone is breaking into Fire Investigator, Edina Blaze’s, home and leaving deadly messages. When Glen Peacock is burned alive, she has to put her own problems aside and attend the location with Crime Scene Manager, Kevin Lang.

As the body count rises, Edina’s sister Heather becomes involved. Is it her setting these gruesome fires? Or is she a target too?

Kevin has seen it all in his years on the force, but when a young girl is found burnt to dead, even he is shocked.

Who is taking pleasure in watching people burn? Why are they doing it? And will they be caught?

DI Alistair McKay and the team from North East Police have to work quickly to stop the killer, before they all end up in flames.

My thoughts:

KA is fantastic at developing characters and bringing back old favourites in this loosely connected series. This story is quite dark in places and has some unexpected twists that keep you guessing. However I don’t feel that for me this is as strong a Novel as KA’s previous works that said Edina was a fantastic new character and I as always enjoyed the refreshing hints of romance that you get in these books, they make the novels stand out. This is not a novel for the fainthearted some of the deaths are quite gruesome and detailed. The novel also addresses the very important issues of stalking, bullying and domestic abuse. Never one to shy away from a contentious issue, KA handles these thorny subject with great delicacy and makes you think about peoples actions and the affect they have on their victims. This is the standout feature of this novel for me and I look forward to reading more from the author. Watch you burn is a solid 4* read for me.



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