Winterscroft by Anita Waller

So I find myself a lucky bloghounder once more – with the privilege of being on Anita Wallers blog tour. I’m a big fan of Anita’s crime writing I once nearly missed my bus stop entirely from being so absorbed (this is the same journey where I cried at the novel as well), she is also one of the few authors that I have a complete signed collection of books of.

That said Winterscroft takes a different turn, it’s a ghost story with some christian undertones without being overly religious.

When the beautiful Lavender is killed in a tragic car accident her family and fiancé Matt are left devastated.

As the year’s pass and wounds begin to heal, Matt, who has remained close to Lavender’s family, meets Beth and falls in love again.

When the happy couple announce their engagement, it sparks a series of bizarre and disturbing events.

Then when Matt and Beth make plans to wed at Lavender’s family home, Winterscroft, the frightening truth becomes apparent.

Lavender is back. And she is not happy.

I loved the story, I am a fan of ghost stories though and I found this one smart and entertaining. It’s a read in one sitting sort of book. although I didnt find it scary I was deeply moved at points as you would come to expect from Anita’s writing.

As always the characters are well developed and you are truly invested in all of them – the writing is beautiful and really plays on your emotions and I loved the ending – totally not what I was expecting. I have never read a book by Anita that is Less than 5* and this one is no exception – I no have a new author to recommend to people when they want a thrilling and interesting ghost story.

This is a great modern revival to the classic gothic tales of old, it would make a fantastic movie.



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