Old friends and new enemies blog tour

Owen Mullen writes the Kind of detective fiction you expect from Hammett and Chandler but with a modern twist and Old friends and New Enemies is a great release:

The body on the mortuary slab wasn’t who Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron was looking for.

But it wasn’t a stranger.

Suddenly, a routine missing persons investigation becomes a fight for survival. As Charlie is dragged deeper into Glasgow’s underbelly he goes up against notorious gangster Jimmy Rafferty and discovers what fear really is.

Rafferty is so ruthless even his own sons are terrified of him.

Now he wants Charlie to find something. And Jimmy Rafferty always gets what he wants.

There is only one problem… Charlie doesn’t know where it is.

A shining example of modern British noir fiction,  this is a  fantastic Scottish detective novel,there are some gruesome moments in this one definitely not one to read if you feel slightly squeamish.

I loved the characters and how they develop throughout the series although none of them were particularly likeable as people they all felt quite real to me as I was reading, possibly because they were flawed. You do become endeared with Charlie and his compatriots and you almost enjoy that the Bar/cafe he uses as his office really existed.

The novel on my Kindle as it was an ARC finished quite soon and I felt slightly bereft when I reached the end always a sign of a good read. If you like your crime gritty and full of dark drama then this is the read for you. Owen Mullen and Bloodhound books are a Winning combination, and this is an outstanding 5* read for me



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