Robbing the Dead by Tana Collins

Today i’m on the robbing the dead blog tour – This is a new novel by Tana Collins a yorkshire born novelist and one of the burgeoning group of talents in Bloodhounds flock.

I am new to reading Tana and found robbing the dead refreshing and gritty – it stood out from a lot of crime i’ve read recently.

Robbing the dead is based in a small Scottish university town

what links a spate of horrible murders, a targeted bomb explosion and a lecturer’s disappearance? Is a terror group involved? If so, who is pulling the strings? And what does something that happened over forty years ago have to do with it?

At its heart it’s a police procedural with a very goes against the rules kind of copper as the main protagonist, and his fetching young lady assistant. What confuses me about this novel is it feels like it is very of a particular time – It spends a lot of time discussing welsh nationalism and bloody sunday. The events it depicts happening like a spate of arson attacks etc are things I remember from being a child. So it feels like it is set in the past but it isn’t.

The novel is set now, and these events are affecting people now, and to that extent it makes a good point about radical views and the long reaching affects of terror both on the families of the extremists and the people sent to deal with them. For that reason it still has something to say as a novel and I like that the author uses a different example of people with extreme views, rather than reaching for the current baddies we all think about.

I also loved the characters – you grew to know everyone who had a role in the novel, I enjoy books when the characters grow and develop as they go, by the end of this novel I felt involved in their lives. It also feels like there is more to come from these characters and that we will go on and see them in other books by the author and maybe even find how their lives develop over time. Their is a back story to the characters but it is not overplayed, you feel like what you find out about the characters past has a real impact on how they respond to the events in the novel.

I finished this novel a few days ago now and it still makes me think even a few days later – this is the sign of a well written book. I would look forward to reading more by Tana collins, this is a very accomplished start to her Bloodhound career. A solid 5* read from me 16729193_10155045459841255_5364539352159634966_n.jpg



2 thoughts on “Robbing the Dead by Tana Collins

  1. Tana Collins says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful review of my book. It’s great that after several days you are still thinking about it! When I started writing Robbing the Dead I had no idea how I would weave the subject matter in to the storyline but I really wanted to tell the story so I persevered and I’m so glad I did! It took 10 years to write but within those ten years I had also written the follow up, Care to Die, also featuring our intrepid Carruthers and Fletcher. Care to Die is being published by Bloodhound Books on the 25th April 2017 so not long to wait! I hope you enjoy the second as much as you’ve enjoyed the debut novel.


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