The Watcher by Netta Newbound

Today is my turn on the blog tour for the watcher, before i give you my opinion lets talk a little about what the book is about:

Life couldn’t get much better for Hannah. She accepts her dream job in Manchester, and easily makes friends with her new neighbours.

When she becomes romantically involved with her boss, she can’t believe her luck. But things are about to take a grisly turn.

As her colleagues and neighbours are killed off one by one, Hannah’s idyllic life starts to fall apart. But when her mother becomes the next victim, the connection to Hannah is all too real.

Who is watching her every move?

Will the police discover the real killer in time?

Hannah is about to learn that appearances can be deceptive.

This is published by bloodhound books, Netta Newbound describes herself as someone who as a child was plagued by a wild imagination, often getting in trouble for making up weird and wonderful stories. Yet she didn’t turn her attention to writing until after her children had grown and left home.

I have mixed feelings about the watcher, It is as well written as you would expect something produced by #teambloodhound to be, however there was to much tension for me, i didn’t feel like it ever dipped in tension and as such I found I was less involved in the story as I would have liked to have been.

The concept of the story is fascinating, and one to avoid if you are on your own at night and the characters are interesting, however the book didn’t draw me in as much as I would have liked it too, it scores 3.5/5 for me.


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