Uncoiled lies by Liz Mistry

I have the great pleasure of being on the Uncoiled lies blog tour today. Liz Mistry is a Local author for me, writing books set in Bradford, West Yorkshire. This is the second novel featuring DI Gus Maguire but can be read as a stand alone.

The Story: Murder. Love. Corruption. DI Angus McGuire and the team are back and have their work cut out. Murdered prostitutes and a turf war between local gangsters takes the investigation into Bradford’s Immigrant communities where tensions run high.To make matters worse McGuire is juggling an illicit relationship with his boss’s daughter and has fraught family relations.Who is The Old Man?What is the link between three dead prostitutes and a long forgotten murder?Will McGuire and his team get the answers they want or is the uncomfortable truth much closer to home?

My Thoughts: I love how Liz brings the city of Bradford to light and shows it for the multicultural mixing pot that it is. I have particularly enjoyed the teaser pictures of the locations Gus and his team visit that the author shared in the run up to publication.

I found the characters rich in detail and their personality and different views and perspectives really shone through. There is a fab mix of people in Gus’s team and the complexities of their relationships make the story intriguing. The story is well written and full of twists and turns. Their is some deeply gruesome things that happen yet the story has its light moments as well allowing you some respite as you read. I have been a fan of this authors work since her debut with unquiet souls last year, this has a very different plot and still doesnt disappoint.

I have been thoroughly gripped by the antics of Gus and his gang, and I feel like the city of Bradford is an extra character in the novel, this is a standout read for me,  Liz Mistry is an author that is really going places.




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