Ledston Luck Reviews

Ledston Luck has been out since friday the 20th and has already got 49 reviews on Amazon. The majority of which are 5* its an amazing read guys and if you have read it make sure you go post your review, once an author reaches 50 reviews magical things happen (they get unicorns and ponies and cake, or at least a feature in the newsletter they send out).

To give you a flavour of what readers think here are some of the fab reviews posted to amazon already from some of the UK Crime book Club members.

David gilchrist of UKCBC says – For me this is the authors best work to date. Senior SOCO Eddie Collins embarks into another crime scene to unravel the events that took place from the clues left. His manner is brusque direct and he will not ever be a diplomat. This story takes you on an emotional roller coaster from laugh out loud moments, to grab a tissue and shed a tear, some very sad scenes very well written. Readers be warned there are some gruesome details, brutality and domestic abuse described and are needed to help the story develop. So much tension and edge of the seat moments to keep your attention, this is a real sleep stealer of a book that I read in a day it was that gripping. I look forward to reading more from this author

Nicki Murphy says – Eddie Collins is one of those loveable characters that you get every now and then in a book and know you are just going to love everything he does. He is hard working (mostly), has a roguish sense of humour (mostly), can be grumpy (can’t we all?) and is that chap you want on your side as he has old fashioned dogged determination to see things through to a “proper” conclusion (definitely). The scrapes he gets himself into (and out of) are brilliantly described and I could see this as a TV series. Eddie is not a detective, he is CSI. In this book he is almost a department of one due to “cutbacks” or are there? Bodies are found with devices attached that make finding the killer personal this time. Bodies from decades ago and some more recent. Brilliantly written, a serious story line but with the humour to lighten it as there is the occasional dark scenario. Short chapters keep the pace moving which I found made me want to turn the pages even more. If you like a good character, with a good forensic storyline then this book is for you. Although this is the fourth in the series it could stand alone but why miss out on Eddie’s other antics? A very entertaining read. Can’t wait for the next one of Eddie’s adventures! Thank you Andy for a brilliant book.
I voluntarily chose to read this ARC and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased

Jim ody author says – I love crime novels, but sometimes I look at the blurbs on the back of my TBR pile and whilst gripping, there is similarity between them. The market for police procedural novels in UK, you could argue, is close to saturation and this is what stopped me from picking up Andy’s books beforehand. Whilst I admit to there being a lot of these types of books around, let me be the first to say that there is a tremendous level of quality to them all, and on closer inspection to the author’s themselves you will not be surprised to learn that a lot of them work in and around the police as current or previous employment. Andy is no exception being a Senior CSI so you know that there will be some great technical insights, and accurate details.

Okay, so with the elephant-in-the-room out of the way, let’s look at this from the point of view of content and quality. Within the first few chapters there are a few things that set Andy apart from others. The plot itself is original, and already as a reader I feel that I may have already been manipulated with seeds of detail being planted in order to make me think one thing, whilst the tables turn on me later on! The wonderfully grisly detail of the scenes adds an unexpected horror that few writers dare to even venture for fear of negative review repercussions. Andy doesn’t just push these boundaries, he chops, slashes and spurts through them quite unapologetically, all the while with a sly grin on his face via the dry humour, and often cynical views of the likable rough-around-the-edges CSI Eddie Collins.

Ledston Luck was the first of Andy’s books that I have read, which as I read on seemed a real shame. There are vague references to Eddie’s life beforehand in other books, and actually I don’t think that you need to have read them first as you get the gist that the sun hasn’t always shone on him, whilst he is respected by colleagues as being a forensic Sherlock Holmes, this isn’t always enough for him. I love the interactions with his work colleagues, and especially his total disregard for authority, but the best relationship is with his father with whom he shares his home.

I don’t want to detail too much of the plot, so I will just say that it is well paced, detailed, original and leaves you wanting to read everything else that Andy cares to write. I’m sure even his shopping list is morbid and sarcastic.


What are you waiting for grab yourselves a copy today.


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