Ledston Luck by Andy Barrett

I have the great privilege to be on the blog tour for this novel today. Andy Barrett is a Senior CSI based in West Yorkshire, he writes a series of novels featuring the wonderfully grumpy Eddie Collins CSI. I have a huge problem normally with books that involve forensics and CSI as they fall into 2 categories – horribly inaccurate like CSI miami or so over researched they become tedious. But with Andy you are in safe hands he very clearly knows his stuff as he does it as a day job and because he knows the subject so well he gives you just enough detail to be fascinating whilst making sure the plot moves along at a cracking pace too.

Ledston Luck which is being launched on the 20th Jan continues the story of CSI Eddie Collins. it begins with a booby-trapped body in a long-abandoned chapel. A scene examination that goes horribly wrong. CSI Eddie Collins and DI Benson are injured and one of the team killed. Eddie is heartbroken and guilt-ridden. And angry.

To find out who the killer is, they must first discover the motive. And their breakthrough comes when two young burglars disappear in the village of Ledston Luck. Eddie picks a fight with the wrong man, and is suspended from duty. But he can’t let go of the investigation. He finds the secrets behind a thirty-year-old murder and comes face to face with the killer – on the wrong end of a shotgun.

Ledston Luck is for me one of the authors best so far. A real emotional rollercoaster of a novel that truly reflects the shades of grey that you see in everyday people. Eddie isn’t always a likeable protagonist but you have to admire his dedication to justice and his single mindedness to get the job done. The criminals in this book have real back stories as well that make them more interesting and makes for a much deeper more engrossing read.

There are so many questions raised by this novel, The villain has a back story that makes you really feel for them, alongside some really iconic bits of dialogue, such as  “Can I offer you Some tea? We treat our guests with pride here”. When you read the novel you will realise why this is such a chilling line. It takes an author of real talent to create such well fleshed out characters that will remain with the reader long after the book has finished and Andy has managed that.

I have been honoured to be involved in the launch of such a brilliant novel and I truly believe that Andy deserves to go all the way with his novels, I can imagine this as a TV series.

If you haven’t discovered Andy Barrett yet then wait no longer, this is a truly remarkable read. A solid 5* from me, a book I will be recommending to as many people as I can, it’s a sleep stealer


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