Disappointing Reads of 2016

I did a top 16 list or more I think of my best reads from this year and its only fair to follow it up with a disappointing reads of 2016, I call them thus because apart from maybe 2 on the list they really are just that disappointing and there are only 7 of them so without further ado here goes. Actually its a positive that out of the 364 books i’ve read this year there are only 7 that have made me this unimpressed.

1)Ammonites and Leaping fish by Penelope Lively – A disappointing memoir. I found this a little dull and slightly artsy. this came highly recommended as a book group book and was my least enjoyable book group read this year.


2) Wonder woman Vol 1 Blood – I love wonder woman she is my favourite super hero, and all around awesome read especially the original William Moulton Marston comics. However this is one of the New DC reboots and I felt it lacked a lot of the soul and humour of the original.


3)Blood bath by Stephen Leather – I do have opinions about this, a selection of underwhelming vampire stories most submitted as fan fiction and not actually by the author mentioned although at the time I also did not know that the author was an admitted sock puppeter and if I had known this I would have not given my time or energy to reading something by someone who would stoop so low.



4) Go set a watchmen by Harper Lee – Again the only other book I have strong opinions about, this is outright racist in places and maybe we should have respected Ms Lee’s wishes in never showing this manuscript the light of day. Definitely not worth all the hype.


5) The crossing by Michael Connolly – This one is a case of the author maybe cashing in a little and overwriting. I dont feel like this novel went anywhere and it felt a bit Bosch by numbers which I think can happen in such long running series.


6) Tale of Genji by Murasaki shikabu – this is more a case of a bad translation this is a Japanese classic and I’m sure I would have loved it if i’d have not cheap-skated my amazon order with a slightly rubbish translation.


and finally

7)Robert frosts poetry – I love poetry but I don’t feel like these went anywhere, they are descriptive but didn’t come to a point. Then again poetry is quite literally the most personal thing you can read, and if it doesn’t work for you then you should move on and try a different poet, this was another book club read and Robert frost is so not a poet for me.





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