Frailty by Betsy freeman reavley

Frailty is the new release by Betsy Reavley, who is one half of the awesome bloodhound publishing and to my mind an author to watch. Frailty is the story of a child who has been abducted, I’m going to try and write the rest of the review without giving away any of the plot.

I like how this tells you the story from different perspectives and although for once I suspected the person who turned out to be the criminal it really didn’t matter for me, as the novel was so engrossing.

I don’t know how to start with my Feedback there are parts of this novel that are deeply discomforting to read and felt to me like they came very close to the line of what is ok, Betsy really knows how to play with the readers emotions. I have not read a novel that has played on my mind so much since the lovely bones (which along with Room are very worthy comparisons, they are uncomfortable reads but stupendous). However  it is worth keeping on even if you feel this way because those parts of the story create a real suspense and emotional edge to the novel that is quite refreshing.

I think the characters in this novel were masterfully written and reacted in ways that were surprising but really fitted with the ways that they developed through the story. This is a true standout in the Domestic Noir genre, and may have knocked the opticians wife by the same author out of contention for my top 10 novels of the year list.

It receives a solid 5* from me but its hard to say its enjoyable, it is however uncomfortable to read and deeply engrossing.


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