no bookvember (WTF)

in the footsteps of stoptober (a month dedicated to stoping smoking)  comes nobookvember a whole month dedicated to not to not buying books. where to start.

This sounds like a half baked internet conspiracy designed to make the populous stupider, but no this is very real. First the equivalency of books to tobacco, yes of course smoking is bad for you it causes cancer and costs a small fortune so yes stopping is an excellent plan (dry months where you quit alcohol are also awesome). However books don’t harm your health. they cost less than cigarettes too (especially if you buy on kindle or develop a little black classic habit), they provide a form of escapism and encourage learning and curiosity.

I don’t understand why someone would want or need to quit, I do understand the need to reduce costs but that can be done, stopping altogether on the other hand……

Bookshops and Authors (those wonderfully crazy people who make us happy) rely on our support and many of them are struggling to make ends meet to. Choosing not to buy books for a month could have a serious impact on your local store or your favourite author as an analogy here the same things happen with bands, they need support to keep going especially through tour support. Choosing not to buy their music or go to their gig could put them out of a job just like choosing not to buy books could, especially when its done in a totally arbitrary month.

i’m not sure what this concept actually achieves but in the interest of being solution focussed I have some suggestions for you month adopters. How about New author month, instead of going dry buy a book from someone you have never heard of and champion them for a while. Have a month where you campaign to get your favourite authors into your local bookstore for a signing. If your TBR pile is getting to large donate a book to someone else. It’s ok to reduce buying books but you don’t need a whole month to do it.

I think we as book geeks have a responsibility to at least always be vocal about books and encourage our authors to keep writing, buying books from them goes along way towards achieving this.


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