Ayesha Dean and the Istanbul intrigue: Some reviews

I read and loved this novel for children some weeks back, and I really feel that more children need to have such an amazing protagonist as Ayesha in their lives, a young muslim girl with a hijab and a black belt in taekwando is someone a lot of young people could relate to.

As a teacher I also got to share the love of this character with my pupils, a few of whom read the novel and wrote my a review. Obviously in the interest of child protection the pupils names will remain anonymous on the internet but there reviews are Posted below:

A, aged 13 said – Ayesha Dean is an iressistable read that is unlike others in this time. It is a dramatic tale that had me on the edge of my seat. The story is creative and easy to follow. The characters are all funny and relatable. I think that the authors objective was completed as this story represents true equality between all religions and genders.

However there are some points that may need to be worked on, the main thought that crosses my mind is the oversimplification at some points. It is similar to a kids TV show. Another point that could be altered is the speed that events happen by this I mean the plot is a bit rushed at points. In conclusion this is a terrific read unlike any other which should be in every bookshelf in the world (*****)

H, aged 12 said – One thing that really stood out to me about the novel was Ayesha’s humour, appetite and determination to do what was right by delivering justice to the world. For example when she single handedly took down a criminal at the airport.

On the other hand the only flaw I could see in the story line was that it was slightly predictable. To improve you could have added a cliffhanger to add an aura of unpredictability by not only adding suspense it also benefits the author by giving her more of a plot and storyline to base the next novel on.

To conclude my overall opinion of this book is that it is a fantastic and thought evoking action novel. The main character Ayesha Dean – is a very determined individual who we all wish to somewhat be like. She is good hearted and has an endless craving for kebabs, is enthusiastic and much more! I give this book a rating of 8/10

and another H also aged 12 (different kids honest) said – Welcome Welcome! we greet you to the tale of Ayesha Dean, you’ve never heard of her you say? Well that may be because she is the character of  an author who has created her first book, and she may become more famous than any of you may imagine. Melati Lum may be a beginner but boy can she write!

Everyone needs to improve, it doesn’t matter who it is because no one’s perfect. I found it very difficult to find anything to improve on and i’m sure you will too. But, what I finally found was that Melati Lum just needs to use a wide range of vocabulary a bit more. There is nothing wrong with the actual story and thats it.

Overall this book has more goods than bads. This book is awe inspiring and its cliff hangers will drive you crazy. Melati Lum has just started to write but can you get any better than this?








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