My Summer Reading Bucket List

I’m at the eve of the final day of term and the dawning of a new job is on the horizon, so what better time (especially as I have been recently armed with book vouchers) to come up with a summer reading list of all the things, I would seriously need to devote sometime too in order to get them finished. I shall hopefully remember to revisit this in September and see how many I finish.

My current summer reading list is as follows:

The Graduate – Genuinely never seen the movie although i’m aware of some of the key themes, I bought this more because I didn’t realise it was a novel.

The tale of Gengi – An ancient Japanese novel that I have been meaning to read since university and have finally taken the plunge and bought. The original writer of this was looked upon as a sinner because the ancient buddhists frowned on writing fiction.

Father brown stories – Added to the list because I’m currently reading the view from the cheap seats a collection of Neil Gaimans non-fiction (absolutely outstanding) and he is a huge fan of GK Chesterton and proclaims him as hugely influential on his works.

Equally because of the view from the cheap seats I’m debating an epic reread of:

Sandman series – In my mind one of the finest graphic novel series ever written, and because i’m reminding myself of the joys of all things Gaiman I think a trip down memory lane is in order

and the Preacher series – Because I haven’t read it for a while and I fancy re-familiarising myself with the series before attempting the TV show

also added to this will be My best friends exorcism (grady hendrix) bought with one of my ill-gotten vouchers today, as I was a huge fan of horrorstor and its play on the form of a novel, although it did terrify me slightly – still the summer holidays should give me plenty of daylight hours to attack it in.

If you can think of any other great novels, comics, or manga that should be added to this list let me know in the comments either on my page or on this blog, I’m always up for a reading suggestion



One thought on “My Summer Reading Bucket List

  1. Have a lovely summer and don’t forget you can read outdoors too! I also didn’t realise the Graduate was a novel but saw the film when it first came out! Now that’s given my age away.

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