The girl with the white flag

I read this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review, thanks to Bloodhound books. I have rated the Girl with the White flag 4/5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads mostly because it won’t allow me to issue 3.5 stars which is the truer rating. The reason for the rating is because I don’t know what to think of this book, the story is well plotted and the character of Eddy Boyle is well developed and believable to some extent. This is a detective noir story, with the protagonist not being the most likeable of people. However the book itself had some issues for me, the Noir element felt a bit like a caricature of what Noir fiction should be. More who framed roger rabbit noir than anything written by Chandler or Hammett. This style of writing just didn’t work for me and spoiled some of my enjoyment of the book, this however is an entirely personal thing and as I have discussed above the book is well crafted and well plotted. The ending is a little scooby doo esque but works with the format of the story itself.
The difficult past of the protagonist is well handled but other than providing him with motivation doesn’t add that much to the story, so maybe didn’t need to be discussed as much as it did. The interaction between all the characters was well written and I like that none of the characters were overly likeable. I think that this added well to the story and made it much more credible. If you are a fan of Hardboiled noir fiction than this could be the book for you.


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