The Opticians wife

The Opticians wife written by Betsey Freeman Reavley is published by Bloodhound books, a publisher who you should really check out if you’re a fan of crime, I’ve read a few books published by Bloodhound and they are all enjoyable reads.

The Opticians wife is the second book I’ve read of Betsey’s and definitely my favourite of hers, the main character in the Story is Deborah a seemingly very shy retiring frumpy sort of girl who is pursued by the handsome Larry, she blossoms with Larry but you feel that he is very controlling. At times this novel feels very much like the Widow, a wife under the spell of a domineering husband is complicit in his crimes and you wonder how much if anything she knew or was involved in.

But much like Betsey’s other book it goes deeper than that and it is one of the things I love not only about this book but about a lot of the Bloodhound books. My favourite thing in a book is believable and well developed characters, the scary monsters in a novel are the people you wouldn’t give a second glance on the street and I feel like the characters in this novel are brought to life extremely well and to some extent deliver this. There are really clearly defined shades of grey to all the characters in this novel and they all feel very real because of that.

This is both a psychological thriller and a really great example of Domestic Noir, Although a lot of crime happens it doesn’t seem to be the main feature of the novel, the focus is more on the relationship between Deborah and Larry. I love this type of crime story as it focusses clearly on the interplay between characters and the reasons they have for doing the horrible things they do. This is a clear 5* read for me and I will be looking out for more of Betsey’s book I’m sure they won’t disappoint.


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