A Bundle of ARC’s

Another perk of helping admin a Delightful not so little anymore online book club is the chance to read books before they come out. I have recently had the great privilege to read some ARC’s (Advance Reading Copies). Here’s a round up of the one’s I’ve read.

  1. With Deadly Intent by K A Richardson – I have been really fortunate in getting the chance to read both a short story and the first novel by this author. Both deal with the difficult issue of Domestic violence in a highly sensitive manner. The novel does have some slow moments, but it is excellently researched and full of twists and turns, I like the aspect told from the killers point of view and would definitely read more from this author, I think that in Cass we have a female character well worthy of an ongoing series although I sincerely hope life starts looking up for her soon, as she is having drama of George R R martin proportions currently. I’m also looking forward to the author chat we have with her online on May 17th.


2.  Blanket of Blood by Eileen Wharton РAnother fantastic ARC, this is very gruesome and definitely appeals to my Inner science nerd with the discussion of the fascinating work of Gunter von Hagens. There were time such as when discussing the Tandem repeats in DNA that the scientific detail was slightly too much but again this is an easy fix. This is not a book for the faint hearted there are some gruesome moments but I liked the character development and feel invested enough in the main cast of characters to want to read more from this author


and finally

3. Old friend and New Enemies by Owen Mullen – I discussed this during my post about British Noir as it is a fantastic Scottish detective novel, again there are some gruesome moments definitely not one to read if you feel slightly squeamish. Again I loved the characters although none of them were particularly likeable as people they all felt quite real to me as I was reading, possibly because they were flawed, The novel on my Kindle as it was an ARC finished quite soon and I felt slightly bereft when I reached the end always a sign of a good read. If you like your crime gritty and full of dark drama then this is the read for you, it made me want to immediately start reading the first in the series, a thing I would have done if not for the other ARC’s on my TBR pile. Owen Mullen is now one of my top Indie Authors for the year.


Not to Long ago being an Independent Author or New author could imply a slightly inferior book, In this current crop of ARC’s I think we genuinely have some authors who could take on Crime’s big guns, Yes they are that good and they are in good company in our UK crime book club where my tally of Favourite authors is ever growing, and where there is a strong and ever growing collection of writing talent.



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