The importance of recommendations

I recently finished book 78 for the year Phil Rickman’s the wine of angels, which was a really enjoyable crimey type of read with a strong pagan flavour to it. The elements of mysticism made it very creepy and atmospheric and I think I could have found a new favourite author. So why the strange title you may ask well this is a book recommended to me by no less than 3 authors I really respect, Robin Roughley, Shani Struthers (also writes books with a great pagan flavour) and Domenica Da Rosa (Elly Griffiths), When something is recommended to you by that many authors you genuinely really enjoy than you have to take that good advice and I’m really glad I did.

But it got me thinking how much does a recommendation, book review, critics article matter, what makes you actually buy a book. Me personally I never look at book reviews or ratings before making a purchase I am a browser and compulsive buyer so the book blurb will most likely sell the book to me or occasionally an author review printed on the book especially if it’s Neil Gaiman or Charlaine Harris recommends as I rarely go wrong with books they enjoy.

The only other place that influences me to buy books, My friends, Family or other people I know and respect the opinions of, The Uk crime book club for instance is clogging up my TBR pile with awesome recommendations like the ones mentioned above. What makes you choose a book, let me know in the comments below.


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