Lost Connections by Jim Ody

So I just finished reading Lost connections by Jim Ody an author member of the UK crime book club on facebook (did I mention how awesome that is recently?). Although the book suffers at times from a lack of copy editing (sorry Jim I can’t turn off the inner teacher). It is an interesting thriller that has an unconventional protagonist in the form of Edward a tattoo artist.

One of the Shining things about this book for me was the amazing musical connections, I love music and especially live music and so many bands and artists that I love were mentioned in this book.I spent many a moment reading this and then wanting to run off and download/listen to the music mentioned, thanks Jim Ody for including so much of the weird music I love in a book.

I also liked the fact that it plays with the concept of a crime novel by having a tattoo artist and his band of misfit friends trying to solve the puzzle/mystery without the involvement of the police and I found the interplay of these characters especially their dry humour with each other really refreshing and entertaining. This is more thriller than traditional crime novel with a little hint of Sci/fi about it, if you like an interesting twist on thriller fiction than this book could be for you. It gets a solid 4/5 stars on goodreads from me and I will look forward to reading more by this author. If you get a chance go follow his author page on facebook as well.




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