A Reading update

I intended to make this post when I reached my first 50 books for this year but I finished a couple of things this morning so I am currently at 52 books read this year, and before you go thinking I’m a speed reader, Many of those contained pictures, being Manga and graphic novels, but as I’ve read so many things here’s an update on my best of 2016 so far.

Great Reads:

The Widow by Fiona Barton – Already bidding to be one of my Favourite books of the Year, a strange crime novel but a really fascinating one, I got so obsessed with this book, I read nothing else until I finished it. I don’t want to spoil it for you but if you are interested in a clever slightly psychological book than this is one for you.


Coffin Road by Peter May – I love Peters books and this returns to the Hebrides a place he evokes so well in his Prose, With themes of memory loss and some fantastically researched and accurate science this is a truly smart thriller, a great beach read.


Great New Authors discovered:

So I recently became joint admin of the UK crime book club on facebook, you should totally check it out, it’s a great place to be and as part of that I get to interact with some fantastic new and independent authors here are some of my favourite new discoveries

Robin Roughley -An author based in Wigan (but we’ll forgive him his allegiance to the wrong side of the pennines) who writes a really great crime series featuring DI Lasser a gruff traditional cop, the first in the series is called the Needle house and even better it’s currently free on Amazon.


and Angie Smith – an author based in Huddersfield who writes the  CXVI trilogy – my hat goes off to this author for writing such a complex intelligent thriller – this is like the good aspects of the DA vinci code or Bond, combined with a crime based story set inWest Yorkshire, I am not doing justice to this book with my description, really go check this one out guys its a riveting read.


Best Graphic so Far:

goes to Wonder Woman – I read the secret history of wonder woman last year and the creator of Wonder Woman was fascinating, these are the original stories he wrote in the 30’s and they are amazing.


They Made a book of that:

I read some strange things and sometimes get really excited when I find books of stuff that  I didn’t know existed, the winner of this category so far goes to

The parent trap – I love the movie, did not know it was based on a book ,this is a fantastic children’s tale, a bit dated but a wonderful read.


I also discovered – Hafez a Persian poet, in the form of one of Penguins little black classics that they produced for their 80th birthday, I love these especially as you get to try some really weird little reads, and this turned out to be surprisingly good, if you like poetry I recommend both this and Speaking of Siva (a collection of Hindu poetry)



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