Top 5 weird books I’ve read this year

Whats the weirdest book you’ve ever read, here is the list of the ones that I think are the weirdest out of what I’ve read this year.

5) The casebook of  Carnacki the ghost finder- Edwardian ghost stories in the Lovecraft vein with ghosts and monsters a plenty, the weirdness comes with the characters obsession for building electric circuit pentacles for safety

4) Assassination Classroom – we talked about this on the top 10 list and it is awesome but you can’t move past what a surreal concept it actually is as well, kudos to the writer for actually making it work

3)Food wars – This on the surface seems to be a sweet little manga, about an ambitous young chef going to a culinary school that is the top in the country, the only problem is that his food makes people have visions where peoples clothes come off and they make orgasmic faces as cherubs tickle them with feathers (very food as a metaphor for sex)

2)Consumed- David cronenberg’s films are pretty weird but this book is weirder. it has a strange story about north korea and a strange STD with all the strange links and absurdities you expect from a David cronenberg novel.

and 1) Prison school – This is a Manga that on the face of it sounded like a sweet if not weird little rom com about some boys who go to a mostly all girls school, and find themselves at the mercy of some evil prefects. It ended up however just being deeply disturbing, its basically the author working out a lot of issues.

honourable mentions go to The king in yellow, Batmanga and the art of asking, no is time for you to share your weirdest read in the comments below:


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