Baby’s got blue eyes

I ┬ájust finished reading the above book and thought i’d discuss my feelings towards it here. I think it needs looking at as almost two separate books, a pretty well written crime novel although there is the odd issue there. Like at the end when they discuss doing everything completely by the book but the guys civilian partner helps him research information that lead to the search warrant and helped him chase the suspect down, neither of those things being terribly procedurally correct.

And as a book about a Gay copper, this is a fantastic idea on some levels, there are plenty of gay people out there forging careers in relatively unfriendly areas such as the police and military and i’m all for equality of careers and choice. However the problem i have with this book is the amount of time spent on pushing how everyone see’s the PC and judges him based on his sexuality, there are still some prejudiced people out there but most people take the view that so long as you’re not sharing what you get up to behind closed doors than they’re not really interested in who you are with.

The book also to some extent implies that the only good relationship is a gay one none of the straight relationships or marriages are overly happy or functional. This is the part i have some problems with in fact I wonder if the novel as a whole doesn’t do gay people a slight disservice by focussing so much on trying to promote how difficult it is to fit in but how special the relationships are. I always thought the agenda of most Gay people was to be treated like any other normal human being and if the author wanted to promote that maybe thats how she should have treated the main characters, who’s relationship is a little too perfect to be believable. Out of all the people straight and Gay I know no one has a perfect relationship their is always the odd niggle here and there and some element of learning to live with and around another person and there is none of that evident in the relationship of the two main characters in this book who are almost a little stepford wives like.

All that said i enjoyed the crime aspect of this story and would be open to reading more by the author. I wonder if this may have suffered from being the first novel, as these can often have teething troubles and there were some elements of cracking crime writing evident.