An introduction to fostering

Before anyone starts wondering i am reviewing this because it was written by a friend, not because i am thinking of fostering.

However to anyone who was considering this as a choice i would heartily recommend this book it is an excellent introduction that presents the key facts about fostering well with useful summaries at the end of all the chapters.

Also included in the book are several case studies of current foster carers, which will prove especially helpful in aiding prospective fosterers to decide whether it is really for them. The book is well balanced it informs you equally of both the challenges and rewards of fostering. I also found the chapter on finance and tax to be really informative and interesting.

For people who are interested in fostering this book would be an excellent introduction and a guide to keep with you on your fostering journey as both the FAQ section and the glossary of keywords at the back could be especially helpful.

My only criticisms of the book are that i feel there could be more detail about independant fostering agencies especially as some councils use these completely to provide all their care provision, even if it was just to provide details of some of the larger independant agencies. I would also refer child protection as safeguarding as this is the new keyword used to refer to all child protection issues, however this is a minor technical issue and doesn’t distract from the fact that this is a well written and informative guide that would be most useful to anyone who thinks fostering could be for them. 


2 thoughts on “An introduction to fostering

  1. David Gilchrist says:

    Fostering is a very tough thing to do, mainly because social workers can be very difficult to deal with. It takes a very special person to do the job properly.

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