An introduction to fostering

Before anyone starts wondering i am reviewing this because it was written by a friend, not because i am thinking of fostering.

However to anyone who was considering this as a choice i would heartily recommend this book it is an excellent introduction that presents the key facts about fostering well with useful summaries at the end of all the chapters.

Also included in the book are several case studies of current foster carers, which will prove especially helpful in aiding prospective fosterers to decide whether it is really for them. The book is well balanced it informs you equally of both the challenges and rewards of fostering. I also found the chapter on finance and tax to be really informative and interesting.

For people who are interested in fostering this book would be an excellent introduction and a guide to keep with you on your fostering journey as both the FAQ section and the glossary of keywords at the back could be especially helpful.

My only criticisms of the book are that i feel there could be more detail about independant fostering agencies especially as some councils use these completely to provide all their care provision, even if it was just to provide details of some of the larger independant agencies. I would also refer child protection as safeguarding as this is the new keyword used to refer to all child protection issues, however this is a minor technical issue and doesn’t distract from the fact that this is a well written and informative guide that would be most useful to anyone who thinks fostering could be for them. 


My 10 best books of 2015 so far

This year i have read 110 books so far, so i thought it was time (especially after a couple of moaney posts recently) to do a 10 best of the year so far, some of these may even make it into the top 10 end of the year list as well. So without further ado and in no particular order lets start with

1) The circle – I read this for my book group right at the start of the year and it is amazing, its a 1984 for the facebook generation and that is not an overreaching description. The story of a tech company (defo not google) that is planning to take over the world. This book really sticks with you in an eerily disturbing way, i often see tech news even now and go oh my god that happened in the circle. This is a fantastic dystopian novel that is well worth a read.

2) Ready player one – If the circle isn’t quite geeky enough for you then you need to give ready player one a try, a fanatastic ode to all things geek from the 1980’s on, if you spent your childhood playing video games or watching rubbish movies than you will love this book. I cannot wait for the sort of sequel to come out in July.

3) Assassination classroom – continuing the geek theme, this is an amazing manga about a tentacle monster teacher who is threatening to destroy the world unless his class can stop him. this is brilliant silly fun that is a way better read than it sounds. This would make a good entry point into the world of Manga if you haven’t dipped your toe in already. I love japanese manga because it has some really crazy ideas but can be a really fun read.

4) Runaway – As mentioned in previous blogs i’m a bit of a peter may superfan and his new book this year is fantastic, i was lucky enough to get an advance copy and its a brilliant read, a slight deviation from his usual crime thriller into the story of young runaways who get mixed up in some crazy events and their adult selves who retrace their journey to face up to their past. I loved this book, its nostalgic for a time when running away from home was a reasonably safe thing to do.

5) Consumed I’m not sure what i think of this novel yet, it is more weird than outstandingly amazing, but it’s weird enough to warrant a mention here, it’s an interesting read that is like reading one of his movies. a strange yet slightly disturbing read its one that will definitely keep you thinking long after you read it.

6) The Haunting of Hill house I don’t read a lot of horror, but this is considered to be a classic and rightly so it is downright read in one sitting terrifying, i have never read a book that scared me so much and without really containing any monsters, this book is chilling because of how well the author builds tension in her prose. I still haven’t got around to reading any more of her boks because of how much this one scared me.

7) Half a king Joe abercrombie writes amazing fantasy novels. Fantasy is usually my least favourite genre, full of eleves and people naming their swords, but this is seriously intelligent well written, brilliantly plotted fantasy. If you loved Game of thrones than this would be a great read for you.

8) Rope enough I have blogged about this author before and he is seriously amazing for a self published author, this first crime novel that is well written and interesting is free on kindle and he is definitely worth checking out. I for one hope he gets a publisher soon as more people need to know about this writer.

9) So you’ve been publically shamed Jon Ronson is a great author he takes a topic that you haven’t really thought much about and gives you a really detailed opinion on it, this looks at the rash of public shamings that have occurred on the internet recently and why public shaming isn’t really a good thing and how it’s destroyed a lot of ordinary people for no good reason.

10) How to build a girl – you know a book is good when you want to go out and read everything else that author has ever written, i feel that way about this book, it’s again not a book i would normally read but it was in a half price offer and sounded interesting so i gave it a go and i really enjoyed it, this will remind you of growing up and all the crises of identity you went through as a teenager as well as giving you a good giggle on the way.

That sums up my 10 best of the year so far, i hope you find something here you will enjoy too.