No Name Lane

I got an ARC of this book off the real readers website, if you haven’t checked this out it is worth doing so. They send you copies of books to review and the sooner you post your reviews the more points you get and the more likely you are to get new  ARC’s sent out.

No Name Lane is Howard Linskeys third book, and is the story of a missing girl and a child killer in the north east of England alongside the story of a cold case from 70 years earlier. There is a lot going on in this book but the stories interweave really well and complement each other in allowing you to learn more about the key characters and the town the novel is based in. This feels like the work of an accomplished writer it has really well developed characters and a twist you do not see coming.

i like the fact  that the crime is unpicked by 2 characters who are not involved in law enforcement, they are both reporters and their burgeoning relationship adds another interesting thread to this novel. I am a fan of good crime fiction, the kind that makes you think and has really strongly developed ideas and clues, i also like ones that delve into the past and combine the past crime and the future crime to tie the story together.

Howard Linskey could become one of my new favourite crime authors, i would definitely be keen to read more of his books featuring these two main characters and if you are a fan of Peter May, Ann Cleeves or Kate Ellis then this could definitely be a book for you


One thought on “No Name Lane

  1. David Gilchrist says:

    Well said. I too was fortunate to read this prior to publication and concur with all said above, I look forward to reading more of Howard Lynskey.


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