Debut Books

Courtesy of some snow days at school i just finished reading some debut books neither one of which was awesome although one is definitely more promising than the other

The Minaturist,

I read this for my book group and i am still not quite sure what i think of it, the core idea of the story is a good one and in the hands of an accomplished author like Neil Gaiman or Susan Hill would be a genuinely creepy amazing book. The issue i had with it was that although the story ideas was good all the plot twists were amazingly obvious, i never work out what will happen in books, not even Hamish Macbeth books but i knew what was going to happen in this. This kind of obvious telegraphing of the plot combined with the authors almost naive characters made the book a bit of a let down. Don’t get me wrong i didn’t mind reading it but it was a bit like salad, it might be good for you but it’s also really unsatisfying in the long term.

and Elizabeth is Missing

I bought this because i heard good things about it and this is definitely a better read than the minaturist, Again the core idea of the story is good, a lady with alzheimers is convinced her friend is missing and in the end is actually trying to solve her sisters disappearance many years before. This again is not quite there, it was an enjoyable read but again flawed in points i wanted to know more about the ending, instead the book took an interminably long time to build up to the climax and then just finished with no tying up of loose ends, there could maybe have been a shorter run up and more time exploring what actually happened. However this authors characterisation is much better i believed the main character had alzhemeirs and i was invested in the story but again i felt like something was missing, this is a good book and i would definitely buy something else by this author as they definitely have promise but this wasnt quite there yet. I feel there are some comparisons between this and the Lewis man by Peter may both have crimes where a character with alzheimers has the answer but the Lewis man just feels a little bit more well crafted. Maybe because this is a debut the author still has some way to go and it is hard to say what is wrong with this book, it’s a good read it’s just not an awesome tell all your friends about read


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