Christmas reads 2014

Because i am a true book geek i unsurprisingly get given books for christmas, however this year as well as a superb collection of interesting books i got some christmas themed ones which i thought i would write a short blog about

The first one was father christmas needs a wee yes i know i’m 36 but my parents have a sense of humour. I still read it though and its lovely beautifully illustrated and a good silly story that actual little kids would love especially because it features people needing a wee

The second was the willows at christmas again a gift from the parents this is not written by kenneth grahame but is instead one of a series of
Willows sequels written by william horwood now i’m not that much of a fan of wind of the willows but this is well written. The author has exactly captured the language and feel of the original and has managed to write a charming little adventure story that fits the world of the willows well. I like his references to the bullying baddy being of the mother in law persuasion or the closest thing to a mother in law that a bachelor such as mr toad could get. This is definitely a recommended read and i may even search out some of his other willows sequels.

And finally the third book was mistletoe and snow an omnibus of two books by Nora roberts also a christmas gift. Although what the actual stories have to do with mistletoe or snow or even christmas really is a little beyond me. I know nora roberts is a famous romance author who is behind a significant number of books but at least from these i don’t understand her appeal. Her characters are wooden and two dimensional you don’t get invested in them at all and their entire worlds seem to fall apart at the slightest problem. Also they are just expected to fall in love either at first sight or in the case of the second story because the man decides they will. The result of this is what feels like quite a formulaic book boy meets girl they feel things for each other but have to spend a good half the book not discussing this for reasons and then face a mild amount of peril so there can be a short will they wont they moment before success other reasons happen and they end up living happily ever after. I am not a fan of nora roberts and would actively not recommend her writing to anyone but as the great philosopher meatloaf says two out of three ain’t bad


5 thoughts on “Christmas reads 2014

  1. David Gilchrist says:

    Keep blogging, the Santa needs a wee book was quite fine, and I have been looking at similar themed books for the future. A crusade to leave a pooty out for Santa would be useful for the next christmas.


  2. Your Christmas books sound great apart from the Nora Roberts. I don’t know how you do it, if I don’t like a book I usually abandon it halfway through! Probably the reason I am not a very good contributor at my book club. Keep reading and blogging!

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  3. Apparently this was one of my nephew’s favourite books over the festive period… so much so that my sister is determined for it to go missing before the end of 2015! 😉


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