I am Malala

I don’t ordinarily read autobiographies but when Malala won the peace prize we did some work at school in PSHCE about her and looked at excerpts of her autobiography so I decided to buy it and read it. Working in any form of education can leave you a little jaded about young people but this book will surely change that.

Written by Malala and a co-author it tells the story of the talibinisation of the SWAT valley in Pakistan and it’s rich history. Leading up to the events that left Malala shot in the head in the back of her school bus.

The book is both readable and educational if like me you knew very little about Pakistan and because of the help from an adult reads well. However I feel the adult author was there for support and guidance as Malalas voice comes through quite strongly.

This is a book about mistakes in politics that allow for extremism to take place as much as it is about the story of a young girl who campaigns for education. She is one special young lady, who campaigned fearlessly even when she and her family were threatened and continues to speak up now.

Prior to being shot by the Taliban she had already set up the Malala fund http://www.malala.org/#home

With monies she had gained from wining a peace prize in Pakistan as well as other awards. It is also a story about good parenting and how supportive inspirational parents can produce amazing children. She is as amazing as she is because she has her family supporting her in everything she does and that’s something we all need in life.


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